MONSTERS IN STARS; (woncheol) wrote,

(fic) well you never know, do you?

well you never know, do you?
100 ws.

maybe it's the blond hair. jaehyo doesn't know. but every time barom moves he follows him with his eyes, unable to look away for too long. it's addicting, he thinks.

scream fill the air - someone else has fallen, and jaehyo's missed all of it. but he catches the way barom groans and his cheering arms falling down, and he catches the way he cusses fast and quick in english.

jaehyo smiles, barom turns - he catches jaehyo's smile. he looks confused, smiles back in relflex, then turns back to watching the competition.

yeah, jaehyo thinks it's the blond hair.

note; lets blame it on 'let's go dream team'.
jaehyo & barom - they were stupid and didn't let me get a screencap of them together on dream team but oh well ):